Student Expenses

Student Expenses

A student and the family are responsible for the costs listed in the chart below. However, for those who qualify on the basis of need—and most students do—financial aid is available to defray all or part of these costs. The average amount freshmen paid last year was approximately $1,500 for these costs, not including contributions from the Labor Program. Fewer than five percent of Berea students are asked to cover the full cost of housing, meals, and fees.

Costs of attendance for the required Fall and Spring terms are as follows:

Expenses for Which the Student is Responsible

Fall Spring Total
Housing ($114.27/wk) $1,943 $1,943 $3,886
Board (Meals, $105.79/wk) $1,799 $1,799 $3,598
Health & Dental Fee $88 $88 $176
Technology Fee $210 $210 $420
Other Campus Fees which include:
Campus Activities Fee $40 $40 $80
Student Engagement  $17 $17 $34
Accident Fund Fee $1 $1 $2
Total fees and charges $4,098 $4,098 $8,196

Additional Expenses (Vary by Student*)

Fall Spring Total
Books and Supplies $350 $350 $700
Transportation $450 $450 $900
Personal Expenses $750 $750 $1,500
Estimated Totals $1,700 $1,700 $3,400
Academic Year Total $11,496

* Estimated additional costs for academic year 2021-2022 may include fees for courses that include laboratory sessions or special supplies and are listed in course descriptions in this Catalog under Academic Departments and Courses.