Academic Calendar

Berea College operates on a two fifteen-week term academic calendar consisting of required Fall and Spring terms. (Because the College is on a term system, the school does not refer to these sessions as semesters.) To maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress, students normally enroll in four course credits in the Fall Term and four in the Spring Term. There are also optional Summer opportunities to engage in study. Students may take between one (1) and two-and-one-quarter (2.25) credits in Summer.

A Fall or Spring term is considered completed on the last day of regular classes. Summer terms are considered completed one day prior to the last day of classes in each respective term. Students who withdraw after the last day to withdraw without final grades being recorded, as defined in this catalog and in the annual Academic Calendar published by the Office of the Registrar in the Schedule of Classes and online, will be considered enrolled for the entire term. Final grades will be entered for students who withdraw after that date.

One Berea course credit equals four semester hours or six quarter hours. A minimum of 3 semester hours or 4.5 quarter hours is required to meet a Berea College requirement (except in Physical Education and Health). One (1) semester hour is equal to 1.33 quarter hours. Here is a credit conversion chart to help determine transfer credit equivalencies:

Quarter Hours: Semester Hours:
6 quarter hours = 1 credit 4 semester hours = 1 credit
5 quarter hours = .83 credit 3 semester hours = .75 credit
4 quarter hours = .6 credit 2 semester hours = .5 credit
3 quarter hours = .5. credit 1 semester hour = .25 credit
2 quarter hours = .3 credit  
1 quarter hour = .16 credit

Also see “Transfer Credit” in the Admissions section of this publication.