CHM 101 Foundations of Chemistry

Prerequisite: Completion or waiver of MAT 010 or concurrent enrollment in MAT 011

Offered: Typically every Fall Term

An introduction to the foundations of chemistry designed for students who are interested in the physical sciences and have had limited math and/or high-school chemistry background. Topics covered will include scientific method, significant figures, units and unit cancellation, stoichiometry, simple atomic theory and structure, simple chemical nomenclature, and mole calculations. This course may be waived by examination. It meets three hours per week of content lectures with an additional tutorial hour in place of laboratory. NOTES: Concurrent enrollment in MAT 012 or higher is suggested (particularly if students plan to continue on to CHM 131, which also has MAT 012 as a prerequisite). Noncredit for students who already have earned credits in regularly offered Berea College CHM courses. 1 Course Credit


1 Course Credit