EDS 487 Elementary Student Teaching

Prerequisite: EDS 440

Offered: Every Fall Term

The Elementary School Student Teaching component is the culminating experience for P-5 certification. Student teachers will spend at least twelve (12) weeks, five (5) full days per week, in their assigned placement(s). They will be involved in observing, developing curriculum, and teaching, as well as taking part in a wide variety of school-related activities under the joint guidance of cooperating teachers and faculty in the Education Studies Program. Student teachers are to reflect the values, commitments, and dispositions undergirding Berea's Teacher Education Program in their work and relationships with children, mentors, peers, and parents. They will be required to submit a satisfactory exit Portfolio addressing Berea's program goals and the Kentucky Teacher Standards prior to completion of Student Teaching. Taken concurrently with EDS 488. 3 Course Credits


3 Course Credits