PEH 330 Extended Sch Exper-PED/HLT

Prerequisites: Admission to the Teacher Education Program and satisfactory completion of a major or minor course that has a methods component, chosen from PED 244, 245, 246, 247, 250, 362, or HLT 315

Offered: Typically every Summer Term

This course is designed as an advanced-level practicum to allow students an opportunity to integrate teaching skills and understandings in a school setting. This experience enables students to compile evidence that they meet the performance indicators required for admission to Student Teaching. In the course of the practicum, students will be expected to demonstrate the ability to teach in a manner that invites integration with their students, including the ability to formulate and use appropriate and effective questioning strategies. Students also will keep a journal of daily reflections that reveals the depth of their ability to learn from their own teaching. Students will be expected to plan and implement at least one unit (related sequence of lessons) of instruction, including: 1) a completed unit plan with goals and objectives; 2) a supporting rationale; 3) a detailed activity outline; 4) a statement describing modes of assessment and samples of student work; 5) an annotated bibliography of materials and texts for students; and 6) an annotated bibliography of readings done in preparation for teaching the unit. It is expected that students will draw from the materials created in this course for entries in their Education portfolios; therefore, a reflective self-assessment should be included with the unit and a statement of evaluation should be obtained from the cooperating teacher. 1 Course Credit


1 Course Credit