PSJ 305 Conflict Transformation

Prerequisite: GSTR 210 and one full credit course from one of the following areas: COM, PSJ, PSC, or SOC

Typically offered every other year Fall semester (offered Fall 2014)

Thsi course familiarizes students with various theoretical undersatndings of conflict, and the methods and practice of peace research. Beginning with the premise that conflict is a normal part of daily life, the course will examine conflict as an important dynamic in personal growth and social transformation, as well as a source of alienation, violence, and war. Students will explore conflict at a personal, communal, national, and international level. They will be encouraged to critically examine their underlying assumptions and beliefs about conflict and their patterns of response to conflict. An interdisciplinary approach drawing on both social science and humanities perspectives will be used to explore conflict/communication styles, the role of power, systemic analysis, the dynamics of change, and intervention in interpersonal, organizational, and inter-group conflicts. Noncredit for students who completed it as PSJ 110. Social Science Perspective. 1 Course Credit


1 Course Credit