SOC 348 Comp Analysis-Formal Org

Prerequisite: One 100-level SOC or PSC or PSY or ECO or HIS course and GSTR 210

Offered: Typically as student interest and faculty availability allow

This study of formal organization begins with a review of the research on total organizations'organizations that serve as places of residence and work, such as the military and some health, social service, and educational institutions'and the research of non-total organizations, which include business and government. Of particular interest will be the impact of formal organizations on their members, as well as an interorganizational look at social forces that lead to changes that affect organizations over time. From this latter perspective, the organizational structure, e.g., goals, authority, and resources, are examined in view of macro-societal forces, such as urbanization, class conflict, and ideologies (cultures and belief systems). 1 Course Credit


1 Course Credit