Domestic and International Exchange Programs

Students interested in experiencing personally a culture and learning environment outside the United States have the opportunity to study abroad through one of Berea College’s bilateral exchange agreements or another approved academic program abroad. Students should consult with the Education Abroad Advisor in the Francis and Louise Hutchins Center for International Education for the current list of programs and the regulations governing those opportunities.

In Kentucky, Berea College has an agreement with KCTCS to collaborate on the identification of prospective Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS) graduates who would be most likely to benefit from and qualify for admission to Berea College. In addition, Berea College and Eastern Kentucky University (EKU) permit qualified students to participate in a limited tuition exchange program through which undergraduate courses may be taken by visiting students. With the exception of students pursuing the accounting concentration in the Business Administration program and in ROTC/Military Science, participation is limited to courses required in order to graduate on time from the student’s home institution. Applications for the exchange are available in the self service room on the first floor of Lincoln Hall.