Management of Psychological and Behavioral Disturbances


When an individual is determined to be a danger to him/herself or others, the Office of the Vice President for Labor and Student Life will take one or more of the following steps in order to reduce that danger:

  1. Notify parents or other responsible person
  2. Notify police
  3. Request a psychological evaluation of the student
  4. Require that the student be placed in protective custody of police, parents or hospital
  5. Require that the student be withdrawn

Because of the educational philosophy of the institution and constraints of living in a residential community, College officers will act in the best interests of the community as well as the individual. Similar action may also become necessary when there is repeated documentation of behavior which indicates that a student is unable to be responsible for his/her behavior to the extent that the behavior significantly interferes with the ability of other students to pursue an orderly course of living and study. This action may necessitate that the student be withdrawn from the College.


Determination will be based upon verification of a physical act, verbal statements and/or a demonstrated lack of the individual’s ability to be responsible for his/her behavior. Administrative decisions by the Vice President for Labor and Student Life in this regard will not be considered to be judicial or punitive action where a violation of the Student Conduct Regulations has not occurred.

Students who leave the campus community for psychological/medical intervention and treatment will be required to submit an evaluation by a psychiatrist or licensed mental health professional which addresses the appropriateness of their return to campus and their ability to function at a responsible level of behavior in the community. This evaluation will be reviewed by a member of Counseling Services who will make a recommendation to the Vice President for Labor and Student Life and the Enrollment Policies Committee which will decide on the return and/or reinstatement of the student.