Class Attendance

Each faculty member is responsible for establishing a clear policy on class attendance for each course, which should be included in the course syllabus.

The name of any student who has been excessively absent, or who seems to not be functioning in class, should be reported to the Office of Academic Services via email to “Performance Checks.” The student’s attendance and performance in other courses and labor positions will be checked, the instructor and the student’s advisor will be informed of the circumstances, and an appropriate intervention strategy will be developed. If a student is confined by illness or called away for family emergency, the Student Life Office informs his or her teachers and labor supervisor. Please note that the College Health Services will not provide students with an "excuse" for absences.

If a student is going to miss class due to participation in a College-sponsored trip, it is the student’s responsibility to confer with each instructor about the impending absence and, within the instructor’s attendance policy, to arrange to complete any course work missed. If the absence is likely to have a significantly adverse effect on course performance, the instructor is free to decide if the student should not be released from class.