Article II: Membership

Section 1: The General Faculty Assembly shall consist of (1) all members of the College Faculty Assembly; (2) the President, Academic Vice President and Dean of the Faculty, Vice President for Labor and Student Life, Vice President for Alumni and College Relations, Vice President for Finance, and Vice President for Operations and Sustainability; (3) up to 58 divisional delegates appointed by the administrators from their respective areas*; (4) up to 39 elected at-large delegates*; (5) a maximum of 12 Student Government officers as selected by the Student Government Association; and (6) for the duration of their service, anyone serving on an approved council or committee in the campus governance system, including groups (committees, task forces, teams, etc.) put together by the Executive Council.

*Procedures for appointing and electing members to the General Faculty Assembly can be found in the General Faculty Assembly section of this publication.

Section 2: The College Faculty Assembly shall consist of (1) all full-time faculty members who hold tenured, tenure-track, or continuing non-tenurable appointments (i.e., all full-time faculty except those with temporary appointments); (2) Administrators who have faculty rank of Professor, Associate Professor, or Assistant Professor; (3) Faculty members with part-time teaching assignments (a) whose instructional load has been at least half-time for two consecutive years and (b) whose instructional appointment is expected to continue for the foreseeable future.