Learning Commons Committee

The Learning Commons Committee facilitates collaboration between various academic support services across campus to deliver effective and integrated service in support of student learning and student academic success. The Committee will explore various dimensions including service methodology, interdepartmental collaboration, physical dimensions (such as the location of services), student/faculty convenience in tapping services, and virtual dimensions (that may include a virtual learning commons, portal systems, and web-based master calendar system to provide 24/7 support for student academic success). The Committee represents and promotes the college as a multi-faceted, inclusive learning community dedicated to student learning. The Committee works collaboratively with others across campus to:

  1. Nurture student potential by coordinating expertise and resources.
  2. Promote reflective and effective teaching and learning in formal and informal settings.
  3. Promote academic success through an integrated approach to student academic support.
  4. Promote innovation in instruction and course management to increase learning, collaboration and critical/intellectual thinking.
  5. Provide seamless access to teaching and learning resources and related support services.
  6. Sponsor activities that complement faculty efforts and promote student learning and achievement.
  7. Support retention efforts through a better understanding of how our students learn and what they need to know in order to succeed in college.
  8. Align academic support services accordingly.
  9. Assess and monitor the effectiveness of services that support a high-quality liberal arts education.

The Committee has nine members which include the Director of Academic Services, the Chief Information Officer, the Director of Library Services, the Coordinator of the Learning Center, the Disabilities Coordinator, the Director of Institutional Research and Assessment, one College Faculty Assembly member elected by the College Faculty Assembly; one General Faculty member who is not also a College Faculty Assembly member elected by the College Faculty Assembly; and one student representative chosen by the Student Government Association. Subcommittees will be formed as needed and may include others across campus with certain expertise needed to carry out the work of the subcommittees. Elected members serve three-year staggered terms. All members are voting members.