Teacher Education Committee (TEC)

The Teacher Education Committee engages in curriculum development, selects students for the Teacher Education Program, and provides liaison between that program and the rest of the campus. Departments involved in teacher preparation submit curricular proposals affecting teacher education to the Committee, which reviews and refines them in light of institutional circumstances and certification requirements of the Kentucky’s Education Professional Standards Board. Proposals approved by the Committee are forwarded to the Academic Program Council for consideration and action. The Committee, assisted by representatives of programs with teacher preparation curricula, also screens students for admission to the program.

Composition of the Committee is designed to meet institutional needs and expectations of the Education Professional Standards Board. Eleven members make up the Committee: four members of the College Faculty Assembly from programs with teacher education curricula (excluding the Education Studies Program) to be elected by the College Faculty Assembly; the Chair of the Education Studies Program; a second member of the Education Studies Program appointed by the Chair of the Education Studies Program; the Dean of Curriculum and Student Learning; a school administrator selected by TEC; a school teacher selected by TEC; a student of elementary education; and a student of secondary education. When meeting to select teacher education candidates, the Committee must invite attendance of appropriate representatives of those programs with teacher education curricula which do not also have direct representation on the Teacher Education Committee. Faculty members elected to the Teacher Education Committee serve three-year terms.