Emergency Information

(See also Health, Safety, and Security)

What to do in case of an emergency:

  • Stay calm
  • Take appropriate action for the immediate situation
  • Call 911 or Public Safety (ext. 3333)

E2Campus Alert Messaging System

Berea College provides faculty, staff and students the opportunity to subscribe to the e2Campus service. E2Campus enables subscribers to receive alert messages as mobile phone text messages, e-mails, and/or phone calls. There is no charge for the service beyond the normal cost of mobile phone text messages. Messages will be issued as authorized under the Campus Emergency Response Plan.

Safety and emergency alert messages will be sent to all subscribers in the event of tornado warnings, an active shooter situation, a hazardous chemical spill or other emergencies where immediate notification may help avoid harm. Non-emergency warning messages will continue to be sent via campus e-mail to provide timely notification of threatening weather, a violent crime report or other potential dangers, but subscribers can choose to receive these warning messages via the e2Campus system as well.