Substance Abuse

Berea College has a vital interest in providing a workplace free from recognized hazards to staff and students. To maintain a safe environment for all, it is essential that you are not impaired in any way upon arrival at work or during the course of your scheduled work time. Employees are, therefore, prohibited from arriving for or being at work under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Failure to adhere to this policy will result in discipline up to and including immediate discharge from employment.

As required by the Federal Drug-Free and Communities Act Amendments of 1989, this will serve as notification to you by Berea College that the following constitute prohibited conduct on the Berea College premises or at College-sponsored activities:

  1. unauthorized distribution, possession, or use of any alcohol, controlled substance or illegal drug, as defined by Kentucky Revised Statutes, Chapter 218A;
  2. providing alcoholic beverages to individuals under 21 years of age, or possession or use of alcoholic beverages by individuals under 21 years of age; or
  3. unauthorized possession of an open container of an alcoholic beverage, public intoxication, or unauthorized distribution of alcoholic beverages for purposes of legal distribution.

In addition to imposition of disciplinary sanctions under College procedures, any employee of the College convicted of a criminal drug offense is required by law to notify the College within five days of the conviction.

The health risks associated with the misuse and abuse of mind-altering drugs, including controlled substances and alcohol, include but are not limited to the following: physical and psychological dependence; damage to the brain, pancreas, kidneys and lungs; high blood pressure, heart attacks and strokes; ulcers; birth defects; a diminished immune system; and death.

The College provides assessment and referral services to College students and employees and serves as an alcohol and drug information/education resource. The College also provides an Employee Assistance Program at no cost to the staff, providing counseling services to deal with such issues.