Peace and Social Justice Studies

Division VI Chair: M. Mendel-Reyes

Program Chair: M. Tooley

Faculty: M. Mendel-Reyes, J. Strange, and M. Tooley

This program provides a study of the causes of social injustice and violence, and of the conditions and practices necessary for establishing social justice, equality, and sustainable peace in every dimension of human life and at every level of human interaction. The College offers a minor in Peace and Social Justice Studies, but it does not offer a major. However, students interested in proposing an Independent Major in this area should consult with the Program Chair for Peace and Social Justice Studies.

Please be aware that the Course Sequencing Table below represents current planning and is subject to change based on faculty availability and student interest.  It is not meant to represent any guarantee to the student that the courses will be offered in the term in which they are currently planned.




Fall 14

Spring 15

Fall 15

Spring 16

Fall 16

Spring 17

PSJ 100







PSJ 113 (COM)






PSJ 205






PSJ 210






PSJ 218 (REL)











PSJ 305