Sociology B.A.

Degree Requirements

A major in Sociology is achieved with the completion of the following requirements, in addition to the General Education and electives required for a degree:

Required Core Courses

SOC 100Sociology of Everyday Life

1 Course Credit

SOC 220Cultural Anthropology

1 Course Credit

SOC 335Methods of Social Research

1 Course Credit

SOC 350Theories Guiding Sociology

1 Course Credit

SOC 436Sociological Methods in Action

1 Course Credit

SOC 461 may be substituted, in consultation with the Academic Advisor

Required Distribution Courses

Five (5) additional SOC course credits

NOTE: Except for core courses, all SOC courses offered in the former Short Terms count as electives toward the degree. However, no more than one SOC course offered only in a former Short Term may be included in the major.

Required Collateral Courses

Five (5) collateral course credits chosen in consultation with the Academic Advisor and with the consent of the Program to complement the student’s career or further educational plans. Often these are courses for a minor in another subject or a variety of courses in other Social Sciences, English, and Mathematics. With the consent of the Program, courses meeting General Education, Appalachian Studies, African and African American Studies, and Women’s Studies program requirements may qualify as collateral courses. There is an emphasis on course work that will provide a strong background in U.S. history, in addition to some course work in Western and Non-Western history AND Economics, Political Science, and Psychology.


Exploring the Major — Students interested in this major are encouraged to complete as many General Education requirements in the first two years as possible. In addition, they should try to complete the first- and second-year Sociology requirements listed in “course sequencing considerations” below before applying for admission to the major.

Admission to the Major — Successful completion of at least one SOC course; successful completion of the General Education Practical Reasoning Requirement (PRQ and/or PR), with Mathematics the preferred method for both; satisfactory completion of an interview for Admission to the Major.

Course Sequencing Considerations (in order to complete degree requirements within eight terms) — In the first year: SOC 100 and one collateral course (see above description). In the second year: Students should try to complete SOC 220, SOC 350, and two SOC distribution courses.

Proficiency Requirements for Retention in and Completion of the Major — In addition to completing specified course requirements, each student must satisfy program standards for effectiveness in communication.

The Education Studies Department will collaborate with any content department contributing to the preparation of teachers to write appropriate text directing students thinking about becoming a teacher to the T & C major in the Education Studies Department.