Women’s and Gender Studies Minor

Women’s and Gender Studies minors not only learn about gender experiences from a variety of disciplines, but can also apply their knowledge directly in the framework of an internship or directed study.

Degree Requirements

The minor in Women’s and Gender Studies requires a minimum of five (5) course credits, as follows:

Required Core Course

WGS 124Intro to Women's & Gender Stds

1 Course Credit

Required Distribution Course

One (1) course credit chosen from

WGS 127Riding the Waves of Feminism

1 Course Credit

WGS 315Classic Texts in Women's & Gen

1 Course Credit

WGS 350Seminar I

1 Course Credit


WGS 450Seminar II

1 Course Credit

Required Elective Courses

Three (3) electives in Women’s and Gender Studies.

In addition to courses labeled as WGS, electives include other courses approved for Women’s and Gender Studies credit.