Lifetime Health and Fitness: HLT 100 and Physical Activity Requirement

Berea College offers courses, programs, and facilities intended to promote the wellness and personal well-being of students and employees. Every student is required to take HLT 100, a 1/2-credit course, usually taken in the first year, and two 1/4-credit courses chosen from the 200-level HHP activity courses (from two different areas).  Waivers from the 1/4-credit activity courses are provided for students awarded a letter in an intercollegiate sport.  Students who are awarded one letter in each of two different sports may waive both of the 1/4-credit requirements.  If the student’s swimming skills are below the minimal safety/survival levels at the conclusion of HLT 100, one of the two subsequent courses must be HHP 200. See Health and Human Performance under Academic Programs and Courses for courses that meet this requirement.