Declaration of Primary Major

During the regular term in which a student is expected to complete fifteen (15) course credits, s/he will be notified by the Office of the Registrar that it is time to declare a primary major. The student will be provided with instructions to engage the process electronically by entering their myBerea web portal, clicking on “Academics,” and then clicking on “Academic Pathways.” A drop down box will provide choices of majors from which the student may choose. Once a major has been selected, the student should submit their choice and exit the system. If the student wishes to double major, the process must be repeated a second time to select the second major. The student will be given a window of opportunity early in the term to submit the choice(s) of major after which the Program will be given time to deliberate regarding the student’s choice. Once a decision has been reached, the Program Coordinator will submit a decision to the online portal indicating acceptance by the assignment of an advisor within the program or communication to the student indicating reason for denying acceptance. Denial can be either temporary or permanent depending on the reason(s) submitted by the Program Coordinator. (See Academic Programs and Courses in this Catalog & Student Handbook online at, for admission to the major requirements and recommendations, if any, for Berea’s current majors and minors.)

Students admitted to the major will complete a Curriculum Plan for the remaining terms of enrollment with the assistance of the newly assigned major advisor. (Students proposing an Independent Major should follow instructions provided under “Independent Major” in this publication.) The Curriculum Plan provides a guide for the most efficient use of a student’s time in meeting the College’s graduation requirements within the guideline of the Eight-Term Rule (see “Graduation Requirements” in this Catalog & Student Handbook).

If the student needs more than eight (8) regular terms (or the equivalent for transfer students whose previous college coursework caused them to be credited with one or more terms) to complete the selected major, s/he must complete a Request for Extension of Terms form (with a curriculum plan attached), which must be submitted to the Office of Academic Services along with a letter explaining why the program cannot be completed within eight (8) regular terms. Failure to follow an approved Curriculum Plan will not be considered a valid reason for an extension of terms beyond the normal eight. Requests will be reviewed by the Director of Academic Services and/or the Student Admissions and Academic Standing (SAAS) Committee. (See “Eight-Term Rule and Extensions of Terms” in this publication.)

Students for whom admission to a major is not approved will be notified in the next regular term that they must reapply. These students and advisors may choose to develop a Curriculum Plan that can be retained by the student and the advisor and submitted later if the student is admitted to the major.

Students who fail to complete the Declaration of Major process by the end of the term in which they will accumulate 15 course credits, or who do not meet the minimum requirements for admission to the major, have one regular term to meet the minimum requirements. Failure to complete the process by the end of the next regular term may result in suspension from the College for two regular terms.

See “Academic Difficulty” in the Academic Performance Standards section for penalties associated with failing to declare a primary major within the time allowed by the College to do so.

  1. E-mail notification to student that it is time to declare a major
  2. Student accesses myberea portal (Click on “Academics” tab and then “Academic Pathways” link to choose the major.) If a student desires to choose more than one major, the process must be completed again to propose a second major
  3. Student window closes and Program Coordinator window opens
  4. Program Coordinators are notified that it is time to begin review of proposals
  5. Program Coordinator window closes and student window opens
  6. Students are notified that it is time to check the response from the program (go to myBerea portal to check status)
  7. If student is approved, he/she will be assigned an advisor and will work with that advisor to develop a curriculum plan before the deadline for the process to end
  8. If the student is denied, he/she will be notified again in the subsequent term to complete the process in the same manner in the following term.

NOTE: If a student is beyond their 5th term and has not successfully declared their major, they are subject to suspension from the College for two regular terms.