Graduate School Grant Program

Limited funds are available to assist qualified students with the cost of applying to and visiting leading graduate or professional schools. The purpose of these funds is to encourage and enable students to consider enrollment in the nation’s best graduate and professional programs, many of which are located some distance from Berea. Students are eligible for a maximum award of $550 during their tenure at Berea College, which may be used for more than one trip or application fee. In addition, the fees for courses that can help students prepare for the graduate-school entrance exams (offered by companies such as Kaplan’s) can be included in the student’s total allocation. Students should pick up the application in the Student Service Center’s Self-Serve Room (101 Lincoln Hall), then submit the completed application to the Student Service Center as early as possible. The form is forwarded to the Office of Academic Services for consideration. Please note that students must apply for the funds in advance of the travel or payment of an application fee. Selection is based on many factors, including the type and level of contact the student has had with the graduate school department and faculty, the graduate schools eligible for funds, the student’s major GPA, and others described in detail in the guidelines and application form available in the Self-Serve Room.