Labor Experience Evaluation (LEE): An Online, Web-Based Tool

The Labor Experience Evaluation (LEE) is an assessment tool designed to provide student feedback to those responsible for Labor Program effectiveness at the supervisor, department, and program levels. Student responses to the LEE are one of many sources of information used by Labor Program personnel in their efforts to improve the educational quality of the student work experience at Berea College.

The Labor Experience Evaluation allows students to reflect upon their overall labor experience while at Berea College. This survey allows students to evaluate back to us their labor experiences in five key areas:

  1. Learning through work experiences
  2. The relationships between work and academics
  3. Four core general educational goals
  4. Evaluation of the local work area
  5. Evaluation of the Labor Program (Labor Program Office, and Student Payment Office)

Students are required towards the end of the academic year and, if engaged in a summer labor position, towards the end of summer to evaluate and reflect on their labor experience through the Labor Experience Evaluation (LEE). Labor departments should set aside time to allow the student to complete this evaluation during work time. The majority of the departments will utilize the weekly Thursday 4-5 PM Labor Meeting time to allow their students to complete this web based on-line evaluation. The Labor Department Administrator and Labor Supervisor is given access to the evaluations completed by the students working in the department after the completion of a labor assignment and not before. Personal information (including name. class, gender…) that could identify a student is removed. The purpose of this is to provide the means for the Department Administrator to be able to assess, with the department labor supervisors, the effectiveness of the learning occurring across the department.