BIO 330 Genetics

Prerequisites: BIO 113 & 114 AND CHM 222; or permission of instructor; a junior- or senior-level course

A study of the principles of heredity and their application in living organisms. Classical transmission genetics is introduced at the phenotypic level and developed at the molecular genetics level. Topics include transmission genetics; chromosome theory, structure, and transmission; genetic linkage, recombination, and mapping; human karyotypes and chromosome behavior; extranuclear inheritance; DNA mutation and repair, gene structure, expression, and regulation; population genetics and evolution; genetic engineering and genomics; and genetic bioethics. The laboratory component of this course is research-rich, and students will conduct several research-based projects. Students also will be expected to prepare and orally present a primary research article as part of the course 'Journal Club.' Three class periods and one three-hour laboratory period each week. 1 Course Credit


1 Course Credit