BIO 441 Cell and Molecular Biology

Prerequisites: BIO 113, 114, and CHM 222), OR permission of instructor; a junior/senior-level course

An integrated study of cell structure and function at the molecular and macromolecular levels. Emphasis is on both traditional and contemporary areas of cell biology. Topics typically discussed include plasma membrane structure and function; ion and macromolecular transport; cellular bioenergetics and metabolism; organelle structure and function; structure and function of cytoplasmic membrane systems; membrane trafficking; the cytoskeleton and cell motility; cell-to-cell interaction, communication, and signaling; the cell cycle and cell death; and special topics such as oncogenesis and stem cells. The laboratory component of this course is research intensive, and students will participate in an on-going class-based research project as part of this course. Students also will gain experience using a wide range of cell and molecular laboratory techniques. Students will prepare and present two primary research articles as part of the course 'Journal Club' and will prepare a pre-doctoral fellowship proposal based on one of their chosen articles. Three class periods and one three-hour laboratory period each week. 1 Course Credit


1 Course Credit