CFS 350 Family Law and Policy

Prerequisites: CFS 207 (also WGS), and Junior standing, or permission of instructor

An examination of the relationship between law and family. This course explores the inter-relationship between the evolution of family law and societal change, the controversies involving sexual and family privacy, and state verses federal regulation of families. Topics include a legal examination of premarital situations and controversies; capacity to marry and the formalities of marriage; rights and duties of marital partners; annulment and separation; divorce grounds and no-fault divorce; spousal support and basic issues of property distribution; rights and responsibilities of parenthood; definitions of parent (surrogacy, adoption, presumptions of legitimacy); principles governing child custody and visitation; child support; legal protection of individuals within the family (domestic violence, child abuse, medical decisions); and regulation of non-traditional relationships (unmarried heterosexual and same-sex couples). In addition, this course examines public policy as it affects the family, including tax, civil rights, social security, and economic support laws and regulations. 1 Course Credit


1 Course Credit