EDS 335 Integrated Curr I

Prerequisite: EDS 227

How can teachers help students cultivate habits of mind and heart that enable them to face the challenging truths of their world? How can schools become places where children learn to draw strength from the beauty and goodness within their world? How can those responsible for them help children become able to take on the tasks required to create a vision of a more just world and to be sustained by the joy of working together to bring that world into reality? Because the world is complex, curriculum must be complex. Curriculum must enable the kinds of thinking and doing that enable children to integrate their minds and hearts. In schools, moving beyond the teaching of isolated subjects encourages integrative thinking. EDS 335 provides an introduction to the development of complex lesson and unit plans, curriculum and materials development, and working with young children through holistic practices designed to engage all children in rich and meaningful learning experiences. Students will be helped to understand the nature and place of standards in education and in life; to become familiar with the various standards which influence elementary teachers' professional development and responsibilities; and to see how standards should be used to guide rather than constrict authentic learning. The course includes approximately 10 hours of field experience. Course Fee: $25. 1 Course Credit


1 Course Credit