EDS 346 Literacy:Intermed & Midl Grade

Prerequisite: EDS 227 or 228 or permission of instructor

Students will examine the intermediate and middle-grades reading/language arts curricula focusing on reading, writing, and content-area literacy. Students will extend their knowledge and appreciation of children's literature in varied genres and learn to integrate literature in inquiry-based, interdisciplinary units of study. Students will deepen their understanding of English spelling, phonics, grammar, vocabulary, and the reading and writing processes, and learn ways to help children acquire understandings and skills in these areas in meaningful contexts. Students will integrate these understandings and skills in these areas with their own vision for the children they teach and with constructivist principles of human development to design rich language experiences for all children. In a weekly field experience, students will design and apply developmentally appropriate literacy experiences for individuals and small groups, taking cues from the children and building on their interests and experiences; creating assessments; and using the findings to plan subsequent learning experiences. This course includes a two-hour weekly field experience. 1 Course Credit


1 Course Credit