GSTR 110 Writing Sem I:Critical Think

This course is designed to help students with transitions from their past experiences to the challenges of College academic life and culture, also emphasizing writing, reasoning, and learning as foundations for continuing academic success in General Education and beyond. Each section of the course involves explicit, continuing attention to writing, reasoning, research, and reflective engagement with various texts, written and non-written. All sections initially address with students questions about the nature of education, liberal-arts education, and links to lifelong learning and living. Offered in multiple sections each year; taken in one's first regular term. NOTE: Effective Fall 2010, transfer students who meet certain criteria may waive this requirement. See General Education Program for details. 1 Course Credit

Students who successfully complete GSTR 110 will be able to:

  1. develop, compose, and complete college-level essays that engage and use various kinds of texts using reason, evidence, and support for a clearly stated thesis.
  2. use quotations, paraphrases, and summaries of primary or secondary texts appropriately in your writings.
  3. develop documentation skills, including both the proper mechanics of citations and making judgments about when citations are necessary.
  4. identify and use properly some common modes of reasoning and basic critical thinking concepts.
  5. research, read, and evaluate a variety of sources, to assemble an appropriately diverse bibliography, and to appreciate how different types of sources can work together.
  6. use the Hutchins Library facility and it resources, including the Library Home Page and library web resources.
  7. understand how preparation, engaged attentiveness, reflection, and thinking leads to continuous learning.



1 Course Credit