GSTR 210 Writing Sem II:Ident&Diversity

Prerequisite: GSTR 110 (or waiver)

Offered: Typically Fall and Spring Terms

This course is designed to develop and build upon the reasoning, writing, research, and learning emphases of GSTR 110, while engaging all students on issues close to the historic mission of the College -- race, gender, Appalachia, and class. Initially, each section explores the story of Berea, including as it relates to the unifying themes of GSTR 210. Each section of the course involves explicit, continuing attention to writing, reasoning, research, and reflective engagement with various texts, including instruction in the processes of producing a research paper. Taken in one's second regular term. 1 Course Credit

Students who successfully complete GSTR 210 will:

  1. write competently at the college level, using a multi-stage process approach to writing, including formation of a supportable, narrow topic, drafting, revision and editing;
  2. be proficient in properly documenting sources and recognizing and avoiding plagiarism;
  3. be adept at using a wide variety of sources for research and seeing how different types of sources work together;
  4. demonstrate thoughtful engagement with ideas, experiences, issues, and texts in various types of writing, including sustaining an argument in a research paper;
  5. be able to demonstrate enhanced oral communication skills;
  6. employ basic critical thinking concepts by describing, analyzing, and synthesizing materials; and
  7. understand issues related to race, gender, class and Appalachia in a national context.


1 Course Credit