GSTR 310 Understandings of Christianity

Prerequisites: GSTR 210 and sophomore standing

This course invites students to imagine and consider Christianity from stances both inside and outside the faith, from the vantage of various disciplines, as an instance of the general phenomenon of religion, and as a way of understanding life's purpose and meaning that remains important for many around the world. The course considers Christianity from historical, theological, and contemporary perspectives. Each section applies and builds on the reasoning, research, and writing emphases of GSTR 110 and 210. 1 Course Credit

    1. articulate differences between approaching Christianity from a faith perspective and from the perspective of various academic disciplines, including the natural sciences;
    2. describe diverse ways Christianity has been expressed in ideas and beliefs, ritual and spiritual practices, moral values and actions, and communities and institutions;
    3. analyze various ways Jesus and the Bible have been, and continue to be, understood as central to Christianity and its relation to the world;
    4. articulate Christianity’s complex relationships to its historical and cultural contexts;
    5. read critically the Bible and other primary and secondary sources;
    6. demonstrate appropriate writing, research, and critical thinking abilities.


1 Course Credit