PSY 225 Stats & Rsrch Meth-Behav Sci

Prerequisites: Completion or waiver of MAT 012 AND sophomore standing; GSTR 110 (or waiver); PSY 100 or SOC 100; or permission of instructor

This course will introduce students to the integrated use of both statistics and research methods in the behavioral sciences, with particular emphasis on the field of psychology. An examination of the basic principles of scientific inquiry will be followed by a more intensive development of the techniques involved in conducting, analyzing, interpreting and reporting psychological research. Experimental and non-experimental methodologies will be introduced, with emphasis on the selection of appropriate designs for different research questions. Topics will include hypothesis testing, experimental and non-experimental design, validity and reliability, ethical principles, descriptive and inferential statistics, computer-based data analysis, graphical presentation of data, and the use of appropriate form and style in writing research reports. This course is required of Psychology majors and serves as a prerequisite for PSY 325, where students will continue to design and implement their own research study. 1 Course Credit


1 Course Credit