THR 128 The Complete Performer

Prerequisites: Students will be admitted by audition. Previous significant musical/theatrical experience or private applied vocal study is necessary. Class members should consider themselves multi-faceted singing actors/musicians. Audition: Sing one song and present a prepared or assigned monologue.

A small group (12-35) of versatile actor/dancer/musicians will be chosen to perform in a fully staged concert Operetta or Opera performance production TBD, Summer 2013. The class will explore the social, historical and stylistic musical and theatrical elements of the chosen show, performance practices through study, discussion, rehearsal, and performance. Class activities will take place in Presser Music Building's Gray Auditorium and classrooms 128 and 223. The class will culminate in three/3 fully staged concert version/public performances accompanied by piano in Gray Auditorium on 8:00 pm Friday, June 7, 8:00 pm Saturday, June 8, with a Sunday matinee performance at 3:00 pm June 9. All students will work on theatrical elements of the production in addition to performing in the show. Off-campus performances will occur at high schools in Lexington and Louisville, and at various Berea College Alumni Clubs. There is also a strong possibility of off-campus performances for the Musical Arts Series in Port Clinton, OH, the Lexington Arts Center, or at a similar venue.

A group of student assistants, possibly also in the class, will be selected by interviews with the instructors to be in charge of various facets of the production. Assistants may be chosen for the following functions, or combinations thereof : (1) an artist to design and layout publicity materials, programs, and other decorations; to design props; and to do set painting, (2) a student with experience in theater to serve as stage manager, (3) a student with experience in technical theater to serve as set designer, in charge of lighting, designing and constructing set pieces, and construction of props (4) a costume/make-up artist to assist in costuming the cast of 15-35 members, including designing and building costumes, (5) an administrative assistant, to be in charge of ticket sales; and to serve as ombudsperson, (6) one or two teaching assistants/assistant conductors to assist the instructors in teaching the class and in leading rehearsals, and TWO (7 & 8) rehearsal/performance pianist(s).


1 to 1.5 Course Credits