Withdrawals from the College

A student who intends to discontinue enrollment at Berea College first should first discuss his or her plans with the Academic Advisor. If the student still wishes to withdraw, s/he should go to the Office of Academic Services (OAS) to begin the withdrawal process by obtaining a College Clearance Form and consulting with an OAS team member. (See “Voluntary Withdrawal” under Types of Withdrawal for important advice.)

It is very important to notify the College of any change in enrollment status to ensure that records are current and all processes are completed correctly and in a timely fashion. Once the withdrawal process is completed, the student is expected to leave campus within 48 hours, unless special permission has been granted.

If a student has registered for courses in a current or future term, it is the student’s responsibility to inform the Registrar of any change in enrollment status as soon as possible. Otherwise, the student might be charged with a term of attendance and receive grades of “F” for courses from which the student has not officially withdrawn.