Mediation within the Judicial Process

Berea College is committed to providing guidance for students on appropriate interaction and conduct. The College further recognizes that, in some circumstances, a mediated outcome for the student(s) against whom a complaint has been filed may be more appropriate than a judicial hearing.

Therefore, in certain cases in which the initial complaint of a non-suspendable offense is filed by one or more students, Student Life may , after consultation with the complainant(s), offer the complainant(s) the choice of mediation in lieu of a hearing to resolve the complaint. Both parties (the complainant(s) and the accused student(s)) must agree to participate in the mediation process and acknowledge that a copy of the mediation’s outcome will be placed in each party’s student record.

Should the complainant(s) or the accused student(s) choose not to participate in mediation; the case will be referred to a hearing body.