(C) Property

The following actions are unacceptable and thereby Berea College prohibits students to engage in such conduct on campus, or on College property, or while participating in any officially sanctioned or supported activity on behalf of the College:

  1. Thefts of any kind, such as embezzlement, fraud, exploitation, or physical takings; thefts by any means, such as use of technology, checks, or forgery; and thefts of any kind of property, including others' ideas, exams, papers, copyrighted computer material, etc.;
  2. Vandalism, defacing, abusing, or damage to others' property, including College property, land, books, library holdings, computer materials, etc.;
  3. Unauthorized entry or presence in buildings, rooms, areas on campus, computer files, electronic accounts or programs.

These prohibited acts are punishable by restitution, punitive monetary damages, probation, suspension, or, in extreme cases, expulsion from the College. In cases involving thefts of academic property (such as plagiarism, cheating, exams, or papers), special reporting and adjudicative procedures may apply. (See Hutchins Library Material Use and Campus Safety and Security, and Network Usage Guidelines.)