Leave Conditions

A Leave of Absence may be no longer than one regular term. College credit earned while on leave is transferable to Berea under the stipulations for transfer credit set forth in the Berea College Catalog & Student Handbook. Students on leave may not work in the Labor Program nor use most College services not available to withdrawn students, including advanced registration. Should a student for whom a leave has been approved fail to meet the eligibility guidelines, the leave will be revoked and the student must either enroll in the term for which the leave was approved or withdraw. Students who do not return at the end of the leave period will be withdrawn and must apply for readmission. Additionally, Title IV grant and loan aid may require repayment. Students approved for Leave of Absence are not subject to readmission policies unless the leave has been revoked or they fail to return as scheduled. (See Readmission in the Enrollment and Registration section of this publication.)

Leave of Absence Request Forms are available in the Student Service Center’s Self-Serve Room (101 Lincoln Hall) and from the Labor and Student Life Office (Fairchild 4). Forms must be signed by the Academic Advisor and returned to the appropriate office (see above) after completion.