Consideration of a Positive Recommendation from the Faculty Status Council to the President

The Chair of the Faculty Status Council forwards a positive recommendation for the granting of tenure to the President together with the candidate’s Tenure Review File within five (5) class days after the decision by the Faculty Status Council. The President then has thirty (30) class days from the date of receipt of the recommendation to accept or reject the recommendation of the Faculty Status Council regarding a candidate’s tenure application. In the course of that thirty (30) days the President has the prerogative to ask the Faculty Status Council to complete a reconsideration of its recommendation in the case. The President’s review of the candidate’s application for tenure is limited to a consideration of the Council’s recommendation and the Tenure Review File. No additional materials or information shall be considered. In addition, the entire Council provides to the President a formal, oral report of its reasoning about a case, with no further discussion to occur except questions of clarification about the oral report itself.

If the President endorses the Faculty Status Council’s positive recommendation for tenure, the recommendation is forwarded to the Board of Trustees for action at its next regularly scheduled meeting. If approved by the Board of Trustees, a candidate’s tenure becomes effective at the beginning of the following academic year. The Academic Vice President and Dean of the Faculty will notify the candidate within five (5) class days of the Board’s action.

If the President disagrees with the positive recommendation of the Council, the President may decide not to forward the recommendation to the Board of Trustees. Such a decision ends the tenure review process and results in the candidate’s separation from employment at the end of the candidate’s existing contract. In such an event, the President will notify the candidate, the chair of the Faculty Status Council, and the Academic Vice President and Dean of the Faculty in writing before March 31 of the academic year in which the tenure review has been scheduled and in any case one year before the end of the candidate’s existing contract.