Classical, Creative, and Liberal Arts:

Awards for Students of Promise in the Fine Arts

The Award for Students of Promise in the Fine Arts was established by bequest from a donor that requested to remain anonymous.  It is given annually to all classifications, excluding entering first-yer students.  Its primary objective is to encourage and reward emerging talent, merit and promise.  Students may submit work to one of five categories: drawing, painting, sculpture, music or theater.

Florence Prize for Essays

The Florence Prize for Essays was endowed in 1919 by a gift from Edmund C. Westervelt of Corpus Christi, Texas. Prizes are offered for the best essays by students on a subject of public interest. A committee of the faculty, consisting of the chairpersons of the English and social science departments, administers the essay contest. The committee will designate the number and amount of the prizes to be offered.

Francis S. Hutchins Awards

These awards for creative work in the humanities honor President Emeritus Francis S. Hutchins; the awards go to juniors and seniors who have meritorious, creative, or critical works and are awarded on the basis of merit by a panel of judges.

Paul Vernon Kreider Jr. Award

Presented to the junior or senior student who has developed a personal library of good quality and writes the best essay on this library.

Mary Macauley Smith Memorial Scholarship in the Humanities

Awarded annually to a graduating senior from the humanities. The student must demonstrate a commitment to her or his chosen field of study and the liberal arts through academic excellence in major courses and in general education.