Practical Reasoning Requirement--Two Courses

The Practical Reasoning Requirement is met through the satisfactory completion of two courses, at least one of which must be firmly grounded in mathematics or statistics. Courses meeting this requirement are intended to help students discern connections, consider alternatives, and think about topics and issues from multiple perspectives.

Designations for Practical Reasoning Courses

An approved Practical Reasoning course that is "firmly grounded in mathematics or statistics" is called "Practical Reasoning with Quantitative Emphasis" and is given the designation "PRQ." Other approved Practical Reasoning courses are given the designation "PR."

The Committee on General Education (COGE) has approved the following courses to meet the Practical Reasoning Requirement. COGE continues to review program proposals for additional courses to meet this requirement in the General Education Program.

NOTE: Transfer credit for PSY 100 General Psychology does not meet the Practical Reasoning requirement but meets the Social Science Perspective.