BIO 306 Histology and Histotechnique

Prerequisite: BIO 113 or permission of instructor. A sophomore or junior level course.

A study of the tissues of the body and how they are arranged to form organs. This course will provide an overview of the four basic tissue types (i.e., epithelium, connective, muscular, and nervous), and a survey of how these tissues are arranged to form organs of the nervous, circulatory, lymphatic, integumentary, digestive, respiratory, excretory, reproductive, endocrine, and special senses systems. Lectures will focus on microanatomy and physiology when appropriate. Laboratories will focus on the identification of tissue types, etc. from prepared slides and models. A major project will consist of preparing a small set of rat tissue slides using histotechnique culminating in the construction of a research poster with labeled photomicrographs of these tissues. Three class periods and one three-hour laboratory period per week.


1 Course Credit