GST 146 Geometry,Art & History-Quilts

Prerequisites: None

Summer Course Only

Quilts evoke an image of home and warmth, but they are much more than this. They serve as family histories and a record of America's past. Constructed originally out of necessity, quilts became a means to bring communities together, and to celebrate the events of life: weddings, births, friendships, and departures. Quilts have even been used as burial sacks, as expressions of political affiliation, and as commemorative gifts to religious and social leaders.
America has a rich visual history sewn into the quilt's pieces and designs.

This course is designed to explore quilts through a multi-disciplinary approach. The course will begin with an exploration of the geometry in the quilts: The tessellations and symmetry. From this basis, the course will expand to include a historical and cultural look at quilt patterns, materials, construction techniques, and usage.

The course requirements include examinations on the history of quilts and on the mathematics involved in quilt making and design, individual construction of a wall hanging or lap quilt and mini-quilting samples. Students should expect to spend between 3 to 5 hours outside of class each day completing sewing projects, reading about the history of quilts, and analyzing and designing tessellations.


1 Course Credit