GST 279 Cultr. & Politics of Argentina

Prerequisites: GSTR 210, two terms completed at Berea College, and permission of the instructors.

In thumping dancehalls, the working class of Buenos Aires, Argentina developed a new type of music that combined African and European beats, as well as suggestive, sultry, and sophisticated dance moves. This music and dance style was dubbed tango. Today, tango music and dance are an important part of Latin American culture, commanding a passionate following among young and old. Once one of the world’s economic powerhouses, Argentina not only gave birth to tango but also to international icons like Evita Perón and Che Guevara, and to some of the world’s most important inventions including the public bus, the coronary bypass, and the ballpoint pen. Yet, Argentina's history is also tainted by periods of despotic rule, corruption, and hard times. In this course students be immersed in the Argentine culture of Buenos Aires and Corrientes, Argentina. We will experience not just musical thrills, but also thrills of the breathtaking natural environment including Iguazú Falls, a 1.7 mile long veritable natural wonder that once caused Eleanor Roosevelt to exclaim, "Oh, poor little Niagara!" This international travel course will journey to Argentina to help to answer the question: "If music, dance, food, and politics reflect the cultural make-up of Argentina, could all this happen back home?"


1 Course Credit