NUR 447 Nurs Women & Childbearing Fam

Prerequisites: NUR 350 & 353; BIO 207; BIO 222; CFS 221; CHM 113; and PSY 100 with C or better.

The focus of this course is on nursing and women and the childbearing family, including women's health, antepartum, intrapartum, postpartum, and neonatal clients/families. Clinical experiences provide the student with opportunities to care for clients/families in congruence with the American Association of Colleges of Nursing's (AACN's) Essentials of Baccalaureate Education for Professional Nursing Practice. This course includes four hours of theory/classroom experience each week and 84 hours of clinical experience per term. Appropriate standardized exam is required. NOTES: Taken Fall Term of senior year. Course Fee: $58.00


1.5 Course Credits