PHY 122 Into to Weather(Meterorolgy)

Prerequisites: None

Summer Course Only

Course Description: The emphasis in this course will be on principles and concepts rather than on mathematical problem solving, so some science background is useful but not necessary. The course is organized into lectures and laboratory sessions. The earlier lectures will cover the fundamentals of wind, water, and heat, and the later lectures will show how they interact to produce the major types of `bad' weather: frontal storms, thunderstorms, tornadoes, and hurricanes. There will also be lectures explaining the atmospheric light show ' sunsets, rainbows, halos, auroras, etc., and a discussion of global climate change. The corresponding laboratory sessions will cover topics that are better appreciated with a `hands-on' approach: buoyancy, sun-earth relationships, weather map interpretation, and weather forecasting. The course will culminate with some real-time 24-hour forecasts for Lexington (and other cities) to compete with the local professionals!


1 Course Credit