PSY 321 Personality Theory

Prerequisite: PSY 211 or instructor permission

Personality Theory is designed to introduce students to some of the major theoretical perspectives on what constitutes the 'self,' or those characteristics and traits that make us who we are. The field of personality, drawing from its philosophical traditions, attempts to answer such questions as 'What is the nature of humankind?' or 'How does one develop a healthy or unhealthy personality?' Questions like these have been the driving force behind psychologists' attempts at discovering a unified and comprehensive understanding of personality. Throughout the course, we will examine and discuss a wide range of both classical and contemporary perspectives on personality, focusing not only on the specific components of each, but also addressing the merits of each and their implications for larger theoretical debates and one's own personal experiences. Using a combination of critical thinking and thoughtful reflection, students are invited to consider the various theories and supporting evidence, formulating their own conclusions and applying each to their greater understanding of self and others.


1 Course Credit