REL 320 Advanced Biblical Studies

Prerequisite: GSTR 210

Advanced studies of selected Jewish or Christian scriptures. From year to year, topics of study will rotate. On the one hand, this course may examine a canonical or deuterocanonical text from the Jewish Scriptures or the Christian Old Testament (such as selected legal, prophetic, or poetic books). On the other hand, the course may focus on a selected canonical text from the New Testament or other deuterocanonical Christian scriptures. As appropriate to the selected biblical texts each year, the course will give special attention to the ancient Near-Eastern material culture from which selected texts originated or to the influence of Greco-Roman culture and Inter-testamental Judaism on selected biblical texts. The course will consider ways in which the ancient cultural contexts have significance for academic studies of Jewish and Christian biblical texts. Students may repeat this course for credit, if the topic varies from the topic of the previous course. Religion Perspective.


1 Course Credit