Registration Procedures


Course Registration takes place on the Web using the myBerea Web portal. For up-to-date Registration information, please see the Schedule of Classes in myBerea or on the Registrar's Home Page. Current students also should watch for important announcements in their myBerea e-mail account.

Change of Course Schedule

The student's schedule on file at the end of each registration period will be considered official and final. The student is responsible for seeing that the tracking of his or her program is accurate at all times. Refer to the Registrar's Home Page for deadlines and procedures concerning adding, dropping, or withdrawing from courses. Approval of the Director of Academic Services will be needed if the change involves an exception to academic regulations.

Course Withdrawal Policy and the Academic Record

The Academic Calendar outlines important dates related to registration and withdrawal from courses and is published online on the Registrar's web page.  Policy below refers to regular terms and equivalent dates for Summer terms are published in the Academic Calendar.

  • Classes dropped during the Add/Drop period (the first week for regular terms) are not recorded on the academic transcript.
  • All courses for which the student is registered after the first week of classes in a regular term will appear on the academic transcript.
  • A grade of “W” (Withdrawn) will be recorded to indicate courses from which students withdraw during the next two weeks.
  • A grade of "WP" (Withdrawn Passing) or "WF" (Withdrawn Failing) will be recorded to indicate courses from which students withdraw during the next 5 weeks. 
  • Students may not withdraw from courses during the final eight (8) weeks of a term. In exceptional cases, e.g. serious illness of a student, permission to withdraw from one or more courses after the tenth (10th) week of a regular term (or equivalent in Summer terms) may be given by the Student Admissions and Academic Standing (SAAS) Committee.
  • Grades of “W,” “WP,” and “WF” are not used in computing the GPA.
  • Final grades will be recorded for students who withdraw from the College after the last day of regular classes (and equivalent dates)

Failure to Register

If a currently enrolled student fails to complete Registration for the next term and does not submit an appeal to the Registrar for reactivation, the college will assume that the student is withdrawing from College at the end of the current term. Any special circumstances for failing to register by the deadline should be brought to the attention of the Registrar for consideration by the Dean of Curriculum and Student Learning. (See “Withdrawals from the College” and “Reactivation of Currently Enrolled Students” in this publication.)


To qualify for an overload, a student should:

  1. Have an overall GPA of 3.3 or higher. (This provision does not apply to students who are within two (2) regular terms of graduation.)
  2. Have completed at least four full course credits in the immediate preceding term and earned a minimum 3.3 GPA for all courses completed in that term.
  3. Have a consistent record of completing courses.
  4. Have a labor assignment of no more than 10 hours per week for first-year students, or 15 hours per week for sophomores, juniors, and seniors, during the term in which a course overload is requested.
  5. Request a total load of no more than five course credits.
  6. Have the approval signature of the Academic Advisor.

Requests for overloads are submitted to the Student Service Center using the Course Registration Form available from the Student Service Center (Lincoln Hall). Students seeking exceptions to the above criteria should attach a rationale statement explaining any special circumstances to be taken into consideration by the Director of Academic Services, who must approve any exception. The rationale statement should be signed by the Academic Advisor if she or he supports the student being granted an exception.

Reactivation of Currently Enrolled Students

Currently enrolled students who fail to register for the next term must notify the Registrar (located in Lincoln Hall) if they wish to be reactivated for the upcoming term. All materials relative to requests for reactivation of current students, including internal processing, must be received for Summer classes or Fall Term by May 1 or by December 1 for Spring Term. Any student failing to confirm by the deadline established by the College must apply to the Dean of Curriculum and Student Learning for reactivation. Notification must be received no later than the end of the first class day. Please be aware that reactivated students are responsible for acquiring their own labor positions. Students who register for the Spring Term and who are not enrolled in Summer classes do not need to be reactivated for the subsequent Fall Term.

Registration Confirmation

At the beginning of each term, all students registered for on-campus courses are required to explicitly affirm that they are on campus. Students who fail to do so and do not communicate their circumstances to Residence Life, Office of Academic Services, or the Office of the Registrar will be inactivated and withdrawn from all classes and labor assignment.


  • Incoming residential students (first-time, readmit, and transfer), must check into their assigned residence hall or the Eco-Village by the Monday of orientation (for fall) and the second day of classes (for spring).


  • Continuing students, who are not approved to live off campus, must check into the residence halls or Eco-Village by the second day of classes.


  • All non-residential students must check-in with the Office of Academic Services by the second day of classes.


Students who anticipate a delay in arrival must contact Residence Life, Office of the Registrar, or the Office of Academic Services to avoid being inactivated.






New Students*

Monday of Orientation Week

Check-into Residence Halls or Eco-Village**

Office of Academic Services

Continuing Students

Second Day of classes

* including first-time, transfer, and readmitted students

** if arrival to campus is delayed, the student must contact Residence Life, Office of the Registrar, or the Office of Academic Services to avoid withdrawal.


(See Failure to Register for related information.)