Asian Studies

Division V Chair: S. Gowler

Program Chair: R. Foster

Faculty: R. Foster, G. Gray, L. McKee, N. Patton, J. Richey, J. Wang


Courses: AST Courses

Major/Minor Requirements: Asian Studies B.A.Asian Studies Minor

Asian Studies is a multidisciplinary approach to studying the cultures of Asia. The Asian Studies program draws upon courses from a number of academic departments that focus for a significant part of the academic term on one or more aspects, past and present, of these areas. Students are strongly encouraged to take a foreign language and to plan to spend at least one term studying in Asia (usually in the third year).

Asian Studies graduates develop a broad understanding of Asian cultures, and may use this education as a springboard for graduate work, but most will be able to apply their knowledge and skills in a wide variety of non-academic enterprises as Asia becomes more important on the national and international stages. Past graduates have gone to graduate or law school, have become teachers in Kentucky high schools, and have become English teachers in Asia, among other pursuits.

The College offers both a major and a minor in Asian Studies.

In addition to supporting students' achievement of the Aims of General Education, the Asian Studies Program seeks to assist students in meeting the following learning goals and associated learning outcomes:

Asian Studies Student Learning Goals & Outcomes

Learning Goal 1: Interdisciplinary Understanding of Asian Cultures

Develop an interdisciplinary understanding of Asian cultures

Learning Outcome 1.1: Broad Competence

Demonstrate a broad competence in one disciplinary approach to an Asian culture.

Asian Studies Course Sequencing Table:

Please be aware that the table below represents current planning and is subject to change based on faculty availability and student interest. It is not meant to represent any guarantee to the student that the courses will be offered in the term in which they are currently planned.

Course Fall 16 Spring 17 Fall 17 Spring 18 Fall 18 Spring 19 Fall 19 Spring 20
AST 101 (JPN) X   X   X   X  
AST 102 (JPN)   X   X   X   X
AST 103 (JPN) X   X   X   X  
AST 104 (JPN)   X   X   X   X
CHI 101 X   X   X   X  
CHI 102   X   X   X   X
CHI 103     X   X   X  
CHI 104       X   X   X
AST 186 (CHI culture) X              
AST 122 (HIS) X   X   X   X  
AST 123 (HIS)   X   X   X   X
AST 132 (REL)                
AST 135 (REL)                
AST 204 (HHP) X X X X X X X
AST 205 (HHP)   X            
AST 206   X            
AST 229 (HIS)   X       X    
AST 240 (SOC/WGS) X   X   X   X  
AST 249 (ARH)                
AST 260 (REL)                
AST 308 (REL)                
AST 322 (HIS)   X       X    
AST 323 (HIS)       X       X
AST 401 X   X   X   X

Additionally, ARH 130 (Studies in World Art) will be offered with an Asian focus during fall 2017 and fall 2019.