Students interested in going to medical or dental school usually major in either Biology or Chemistry. However, students pursuing other majors generally can complete most medical/dental school prerequisites in addition to their major course work. Most medical/dental schools require one year of Biology, but two years are strongly recommended. The following courses are recommended: BIO 110, BIO 222, BIO 323, and BIO 330, with BIO 220, BIO 331, and BIO 441 suggested; one year of Inorganic Chemistry (recommended: CHM 131 and CHM 311), one year of Organic Chemistry (recommended: CHM 221 and CHM 222, with CHM 345 strongly suggested); one year of Physics (recommended: PHY 127 and PHY 128); one year of Mathematics (recommended: MAT 115 & MAT 135; and one year of English (satisfied by GSTR 110 and GSTR 210). Students considering medical or dental school are strongly encouraged to consult with Dr. Dawn Anderson, the pre-medical/pre-dental advisor on campus, as early as possible for further information and for assistance with pre-medical/dental curriculum planning.