Emergency Evacuation

Individual Responsibility in Evacuation

A resident or user of any campus building has the responsibility to familiarize her/himself with the evacuation procedure posted in each building. Be aware of evacuation routes and of the location of exits, stairwells, phones, and elevators.

Persons with disabilities who may need assistance should inform College personnel, including the Disabilities Coordinator (in the Office of Academic Services) and the Department of Public Safety, of the nature of the disability and the type of assistance that may be needed. Residential students also must inform their Hall Coordinator and Collegium member of the accommodations needed. Students also should notify labor supervisors and instructors because evacuation may be required from the workplace, classroom, or laboratory.

Evacuation procedures begin with the sound of a building alarm. Immediately move to the nearest stairway and exit the building. Do not use elevators during fire evacuation. If immediate exit is not possible, move a safe distance away from the danger area.

Individuals who must stay in place until emergency personnel arrive should be sure to inform another person of their specific location so they can inform the emergency responders. If you are unable to make telephone contact, call Public Safety at 985-3333 (campus extension 3333) or dial 911 to provide information about their location. They should give their name and location and describe the emergency and any special needs they might have. (Also see Campus Safety and Security and the Department of Public Safety Web site at www.berea.edu/publicsafety.)

Personnel Responsibility in Emergency Evacuation Procedures

During an evacuation, if you are aware of a person with a disability being in the area, you should advise responding emergency personnel of the presence of that person and, if possible, give their name, the nature of the disability, and their location within the building. If there are no emergency response personnel in the immediate area, locate the nearest telephone and call “911.” Report the nature of the emergency, the name and location of the person and, if known, the type of disability.

Elevators should not be used to transport a person with a disability unless accompanied by emergency response personnel.

The choice to remain in an area to assist a person during an evacuation is a voluntary decision, not a College requirement.